The Boys and Girls Clubs of St. John's is dedicated to the development of its members, their families, and the community. As key contributors to our daily programming, volunteers enable us to solidify current services and expand upon opportunities made available to our members. In various capacities, volunteers bring valuable skills to programs, operations, fundraising and special events.

Why we need you!

Volunteers contribute to the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. John’s in a number of different ways, some acting as role models to our children and youth, board members, or fundraisers. All of our volunteers bring personal and professional interests and skills that enrich the lives of our kids and their families. Volunteers bring enthusiasm and vitality to the Club, new ideas, new trends, innovations and compliment the staff by enriching the quality of service to our members.

In 2014, 120 volunteers contributed over 3500 volunteer hours to the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. John’s.

Volunteers Opportunities

  • Program Assistant (homework room, games room, gym, nutrition program, etc.)
  • Committee Members (Fundraising, special events, etc.)
  • Special Events Assistants
  • Fundraising Assistants
  • Board of Directors

How to get involved?

To ensure the safety and comfort of our volunteers and our young people, we require that each of the following items be completed prior to placing an individual in a volunteer position.

A volunteer applicant must:

  • Attend a pre-screening interview
  • Successfully complete a Police Check
  • Complete an orientation
  • Abide by established guidelines
  • Review the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. John’s Volunteer Handbook

Contact Information:

Program Volunteers Contact
Chantelle Bennett
Program Coordinator
(709) 579-0181 Ext 201

Volunteer Application Form

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