After School Program

After School Program

Homework and Tutoring

The Homework Program provides a rich learning environment to complete homework, receive tutoring, and participate in fun, educational activities. Our members have access to fully-equipped education rooms, containing a wide variety of library books, and other resources such as pencils, paper, and photocopying. Computer labs are also located at each site, with monitored internet access. Our education staff and many volunteers are highly qualified Primary/Elementary teachers.

Games Room

The Games Room offers the opportunity for children to socialize in a safe, supervised and fun environment. Activities that the games room include are: Shuffleboard, Pool, Air Hockey. Ping pong, Square Ball, Board Games, and Electronic Games.

Computer Room

The Computer Room offers our member’s access to the internet, educational software and games. Internet access is closely monitored and all computers have content filters. The instructor regularly offers creative activities so participants can gain computer skills and have fun.

Arts and Crafts

The Arts & Crafts Program enables children to develop creativity and awareness through a wide range of art based activities. These activities allow children to enhance creative expression and appreciation of arts.

After School Nutrition

The Boys and Girls Clubs of St. John's is a strong believer in the importance of healthy eating. Healthy eating leads to healthy growth and development and provides children with the energy they need to conentrate on school work and to take part in recreational activities. The Boys and Girls Clubs of St. John's are "Junk Food Free" which means we do not allow any junk food such as chips, candy, bars etc.. on site.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of St. John's offer a nutritional snack to all members who attend the After School Program. The Snack Program runs from 3:00-3:30 daily. Snacks include fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, milk, juice and much more.

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Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness program focuses on fun and physical activity by providing members with skills training in various sports. The program is structured so that participants with greater skill in sports assist those with fewer skills. The program also focuses on implementing a large number of low organized games where children can use their imaginations and become physically active in doing so.

Activities and sports that participants take part include low organized games, tag games, running games, soccer, soccer-baseball, floor hockey, handball, basketball, tae kwon do, hip hop dance, and many variations of other sports.

Girls Decide!

Girls Decide! is an action oriented response to research conducted by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Newfoundland and Labrador. This research is in response to a decline in girls involvement in physical recreation, sport and leadership opportunities. Girls Decide! gives our female members the opportunity to grow and succeed in a non-stigmatizing environment. Girls take part in many recreation, leadership, and sporting activities, including girls only basketball, and soccer, along with many other exciting activities, check our members section for some cool Girls Decide! activities.

Teen Programs

The Boys & Girls Club offers programs for youth (ages 13-17) in the community to take part in programs such as gym, tutoring, free play recreation, teen mentorship, youth leadership and Keystone Club (national program) These programs help our youth to grow into successful young adults.

The Teen Mentor Program is for teen members who are interested in volunteering in the after-school program. This service-learning program teaches them job-related skills and it rewards them for taking on the commitment of volunteering.

In addition to volunteering, the members of this program learn skills such as resume writing and job-seeking techniques. The younger members benefit from having role models, as they easily relate to teen members in the Club.

The teen gym program consists of many sports and activities such as senior hockey league, ice hockey, senior basketball league, and ultimate Frisbee, soccer and flag football.

Torch Club

A Torch Club is a small group leadership and empowerment program for youth aged 10 to 13. Torch Clubs empower youth with the knowledge and the skills to make positive choices in their lives in addition to giving them a place to use their creative skills to make a difference.

Torch Clubs have five core areas including:

  • Service to Club and Community
  • Healthy Choices
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Learning for Life.

Also as an added bonus members of the Torch Club partake in a special event once a month to reward them for their hard work and dedication. Special events can include Movies, Bowling, and Field Trips etc…

Future Chefs

Future chefs is a program that is offered at both club units weekly to all age group memberships within the After School Program. In this program members are given the opportunity to prepare, cook and taste many recipes that are healthy choices. This program will also teach members the importance of food and kitchen safety. They will also partake in many field trips that relate to this field throughout the year. By implementing this program we hope to help children and youth gain new skills, provide exposure to the world of culinary arts, learn safety practices and have fun cooking and baking in a safe environment.

Special Events

Throughout the school year the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. John's staff coordinates a number of special events including Halloween haunted house, day camps (school closure) Christmas parties, dances, wake-a-thons, field trips, winter carnival and Easter day camps.

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